"Patient experience is at the heart of healthcare." - Jason Wolf

Facebook Feedback

"The doctors at this facility are truly amazing! I made the appointment not having a clue of what to expect. Steve and George (the docs), are so understanding, thorough, helpful, just great! I left there with so much knowledge on medical marijuana and I felt great about my choice of making the appointment and going through with my license! I think what I love the best is they really work with to make sure that you are getting the correct dosage. They don't want you laying on the couch eating chips!! They want you to function without narcotics. After my first appointment, my family literally had to say, ok, we get it, Steve and George are great, ha ha. I couldn't and honestly still cant stop talking about them. Super nice, cool and so so smart! One complaint, they had me come in, worked on everything so fast that now I wont see them again until I get my license, which should be in 6-8 weeks (super quick), I mean thats a long time not to see these awesome doctors lol. On a serious note, my best friend died of cancer, I went through the process with him of trying to get his license. He paid tons of money and his license came in months after his death. It's crazy. Don't pay someone a bunch of money in hopes of possibly getting your license! Go to Green Care Medical in Palos, where they honestly do all of the work for you!! Thanks again Dr. Steven Salzman and George!!" - Patient, Palos Heights

"Dr. Salzman is not only extraordinarily informed about cannabis as medicine but so very giving of his time."- Patient, Hinsdale

"Steve & George(docs) are so awesome! They make you feel comfortable talking to them & make sure you understand EVERYTHING you need to know before leaving their office. They take the time to check up on you as much as possible and make sure you are getting the right medicines needed to help you function throughout the day pain free. I would highly recommend anyone seeking medical marijuana treatment to do so threw these amazing Doctors at Green Care Medical!!!!" - Patient, Palos Heights

"Wonderful doctors and staff! A+" - Patient, Palos Heights

"Awesome & knowledgeable doctors! I am diagnosed with post concussion syndrome & a spine injury. They are amazing & they work with you for your SPECIFIC NEEDS with your doctors & dispensary. Highly recommend from anything from a question to a doctors visit!" - Patient, Homewood

"The doctors and staff are amazing, accommodating, incredibly informative and so helpful. I’m grateful for their attentive assistance throughout my cancer, chemo and radiation diagnosis and treatment." - Patient, Palos Heights

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"My husband was skeptical before we met Dr. George Gavrilos. Dr. Gavrilos took plenty of time answering all of our concerns about the program. We are now at ease and eager to begin what should be a life altering path to better health!" - Patient, Palos Heights

"Very Friendly and Knowledgeable!" - Patient, Homewood

"I left my first visit feeling positive for the first time in years...The whole staff was great!" - Patient, Palos Heights

"So very nice there. And everyone was wonderful there also. Great help!" - Patient, Homewood

"Aden was a fabulous help, and professional in the kindest most pleasant demeanor. Dr. Ray Lloyd was kind, understanding, most helpful answering my medical questions, a gregarious, delightful man. ... Overall, 10+ out of 10 point visit. Thank You." - Patient, Gettysburg

"Dr. Ray and Aden are awesome people!" - Patient, Gettysburg 

"Dr. Lloyd is amazing! Friendly, compassionate, easy to talk to. Aden is extremely helpful & friendly as well I couldn't have hoped for a better experience." - Patient, Gettysburg

"Very prompt and friendly and entire staff put me at ease." - Patient, Gaithersburg

"Just a great experience. Friendly staff, excellent doctors, wait time nonexistent. Outstanding service from all aspects." - Patient, Philadelphia

"The gentleman involved were very helpful , kind and informative." - Patient, Gettysburg

"I like the way you people think and the approach you take toward the problem and it's solution." - Patient, Homewood 

"The Doctor and staff were Great!" - Patient, Philadelphia

"Aden's very knowledgeable and pleasant. Dr. Lloyd is a pleasure to work with. Good listener. Straight forward." - Patient, Gettysburg

"Wonderful service!!" - Patient, Gaithersburg

"Ashley has the best customer service skills. Explain the process quite easily and very professional." - Patient, Gaithersburg

Great Drs and staff all around. Made you feel very comfortable!" - Patient, Philadelphia

"Absolutely loved the atmosphere and the way we were greeted and treated by all!"

- Patient, Hinsdale

"I have had a couple back surgeries and the doctor I saw Dr. Salzman has also had back surgeries and I feel like he knows where I am coming from." - Patient, Hinsdale

I started giving up hope on Dr's and hospitals till I came here. The staff absolutely couldn't have been better. I have never met a Dr that has understood like me the proper way of medicating and it is not what people think it is. I do not have words to say how happy I am that others are going to find out the truth... Thank you so much!

-Patient, Palos Heights

"Very nice and helpful! Very easy to talk to! Helped me with all my paperwork!"

- Patient, Palos Heights

"All questions were answered! Wasn’t rushed! Very Professional! Great personalities! Was there for me and my issues! Would greatly recommend!" -Patient, Chicago

"Really informative, professional and compassionate staff and doctor!" - Patient, Homewood

"Easier and faster than i thought. Great people and very open and understanding to your situation and needs."- Patient, Homewood

Very courteous and always more than helpful. Dr. Salzman explains everything and I really feel very positive that I'm going to get some improvement with my pain and sleeping better." -Patient, Palos Heights

"Everyone was super nice and it was a stress free environment!" - Patient, Altoona

Informative and pleasant people. All my questions answered. Appointment processed on time and well organized." - Patient, Gettysburg

"Just a great experience all around! Everyone was wonderful!"- Patient, Philadelphia

"Everything was perfect. Easy going environment. Didn't wait long to see the Dr who was very understanding. The gentleman in the office was very informative... A++"

- Patient, Gettysburg

"Doctor was very thorough , very kind, compassionate and had a great since of human. As well as the front desk customer service representative did." -Patient, Gettysburg